The North Sea Energy Consortium consists of full and associate members and will share information to interested parties via a community called North Sea Energy Community

The community will communicate via a website and social media

Publish (restricted) results of the project
Initiate new collaboration projects via shared R&D funds (EU H2020, TKI, Interreg, etc.) 
The community will organize knowledge sharing events and meetings with the ambition to:
Share results of the North Sea Energy Project
Exchange ideas on system integration offshore energy (gas, wind, tidal, aquafarming, wave)
Discuss and present recent reports and studies on the theme North Sea energy


The benefit of participation within the North Sea Energy Consortium is to collaborate and innovate based on a shared investment together with public and private parties. There is 50% of TKI Toeslag subsidy available in shared research projects. The other 50% of funding is required to come from the private sector and can be split among multiple project partners. In this case project partners pay only a fraction of the actual costs and get full access to the project results.

Participation levels
Full Membership

Full membership contains a contribution of a minimum of 50 k€ yearly. Full membership can be in partnership or sponsorship. Both memberships entitle the member the same rights and obligations, but they differ in the way of contribution:

Sponsorship: contribution in cash to the innovation projects, sponsoring the joint effort with an annual contribution of 50 k€.
Partnership: contribution in kind (e.g. expertise, data or assets) to the innovation projects. The monetary value of the annual contribution is 50 k€.
Every year a re-evaluation of a full membership is possible. In both memberships the associate membership is included.

Associate Membership

The Associate Membership is a basic yearly membership, yearly contribution is 5 k€. Within this Associate Membership members are part of the North Sea Energy Community, can participate in the organised yearly conference meetings, stakeholder meetings, and in shared collaborations in the North Sea domain organised by the Program Manager.

The yearly amount of consortium-contribution required to participate in North Sea Energy Consortium to compensate the organization costs and will be used for dissemination:

Yearly contribution Associate Membership:    € 5,000
Yearly contribution Associate Membership for SME’s:    € 2,500

Participation for SME

For any small or medium-sized enterprise it is possible to join with a 50% discount. This discount can apply for both the full and associate membership.