New website for North Sea Energy

April 6, 2020


North Sea Energy has launched its new website on April 6th 2020! For this public-private research programme more than 30 parties in the energy value chain are working together to unlock the potential of the North Sea.

Energy transition and the North Sea

On the website you will find all information about the North Sea Energy programme. On the news page you will find the latest articles about the programme, events where our ambassadors speak, and other relevant information about events about the role of the North Sea in the energy transition.

Across borders

North Sea Energy works across the borders of its own sector and seeks connections with parties active in the North Sea, such as fisheries, defence and shipping. The North Sea also has an important ecological value. We coordinate this with the other North Sea countries.

Stay up to date

Check this site regularly and follow North Sea Energy on LinkedIn or Twitter (both in Dutch). Here we will keep you up to date on the latest news in the world of energy transition in the North Sea.