7 Roadmap

Roadmap towards an integrated North Sea Energy system in 2050

An integrated vision and roadmap is needed to unlock the North Sea’s climate-neutral energy potential while optimising its value for society and nature. There is a need for information on the current role and future potential of energy supply, transportation, demand, conversion and storage in the North Sea. Finally, actions are needed in the short term to enable the integration of the energy system.

Such action plans and a cross-sectoral roadmap to 2050 are currently lacking. This leads to lack of clarity and uncertainty for Dutch policymakers, project developers and society.

A cross-sectoral roadmap would contribute towards clarity

Information for roadmap

Factual information is needed to develop this step-by-step plan (see research activity 1). This requires a participatory process, knowledge sharing and knowledge brokers within North Sea Energy. Previous North Sea Energy projects show that knowledge, information and data about the North Sea energy system are spread among the various individuals, institutions and organisations that have an interest in the energy system. Insights from research need to be validated and tested inside and outside the programme through coordination with the industry and other North Sea stakeholders. This will provide an information/knowledge base and the building blocks for the roadmap and action plan. Important information on the current role and future potential of energy sources and carriers will be provided in this public roadmap. This includes: offshore wind energy, CO2 transportation and storage and hydrogen.


The development of a roadmap for low-carbon energy development in the North Sea (with a geographical focus on The Netherlands) requires co-creation and will be done by all partners involved in North Sea Energy together with other relevant (external) stakeholders. These other stakeholders will be involved through participation in workshops and co-ordination meetings. To determine the impact, the roadmap is intended to be in line with important strategy and policy processes, such as the North Sea Agreement and following the North Sea Strategic Agenda 2030.

Research objective

This work package will integrate the results from all work packages to provide the building blocks for a roadmap for the integration of offshore systems in the North Sea.

It will include evidence-based input for a North Sea Energy Outlook 2050 and also work with other research programmes, consortia and policy processes to develop common visions and actions.

Timelines with geographical clarification will be presented to develop system integration projects over time and in the area. We will assess whether aligning investment agendas in infrastructure development, transformation or decommissioning results in obstacles that need to be overcome. This also includes the identification of lock-in and regret pathways based on results from WP1 and WP6, and stakeholder consultation.

A roadmap and associated action plan will be drawn up on the basis of the multidisciplinary results generated in all phases and work packages of the North Sea Energy Programme.

Research activities

  • Establishing the building blocks for the North Sea Energy Outlook 2050
  • Development of a hub action plan for selected energy hubs in WP1
  • Integrated development of the roadmap through a series of workshops