7 Offshore transition scenarios and international collaboration

Offshore transition scenarios and international collaboration

Brings previous work on offshore transition pathways a step further. The energy commodity transition pathways that were developed for the North Sea countries in the previous phase will be enriched with country specific details. Also, spatial explicit scenarios will indicate the roll-out of the offshore energy transition in space and time.

A cross-sectoral roadmap would contribute towards clarity

Interaction with other work packages and others

  • Collaboration between international partners within the NSE consortium and alignment with international RD&D programmes in at least the UK, Norway, Netherlands and Germany provides the opportunity to sketch offshore infrastructure pathways for electricity, hydrogen, natural gas and CO2 with the year 2050 as the foreseen end-point in the analysis.
  • There will also be focus on the delivery of National Transition Scenarios for the Netherlands with a higher resolution on spatial developments and more detailed national action agenda based on envisaged input from the government, branch organizations and NGOs. This will refine the action agenda for the Netherlands that was developed in the previous phase.
  • This work package also hosts international knowledge sharing with networks and RD&D programmes in the form of conferences, (online) workshops and webinars.