3 Safety, integrity and reliability

Safety, integrity and reliability

In 2018, a start was made on screening the risks associated with the chosen scenarios for offshore hydrogen production and storage. The impact of offshore production and transportation of hydrogen on the safety and integrity of the existing (or new) infrastructure was assessed. A platform that was used exclusively for the production and storage of hydrogen was used for this purpose.

Much is still unknown about the safety of offshore hydrogen production and transportation. A model has been created that makes it possible to understand the consequences of hydrogen transportation (and its uncertainties). In this work package we pose questions about thermodynamics and structural engineering in relation to the various scenarios of system integration. It also develops tools for managing pipeline safety and an engineering tool that supports decision making relating to the re-use of hydrogen platforms.

Neptune Energy's Q13a-A platform is the first offshore green hydrogen pilot in the world

Research objective

Provide answers to research questions relating to safety and integrity. Conduct a safety analysis of the various hydrogen production and storage scenarios, and an analysis of the integrity of the different system components and structures.

Research activities

  • Literature study
  • Analytical calculations
  • Workshops
  • Reporting