Results 2018

In 2018, the North Sea Energy program looked at scenarios in which different system integrations were combined (parallel/series). The focus was on platform electrification supplemented with Power-to-hydrogen and CO2 transport & storage.

At three locations in the Dutch part of the North Sea, we examined the advantages and challenges of offshore system integration from a technical, economic, ecological and regulatory perspective, based on a number of research themes.

The research results are summarized in a synthesis document "Hybrid offshore energy transition options - The merits and challenges of combining offshore system integration options".

Public deliverables

  • Regulatory framework: barriers or drivers for offshore system integration
  • Screening impacts of offshore infrastructures on marine species groups: a North Sea case study for system integration
  • Strategic assessment of environmental impacts of offshore system integration options

Other deliverables

  • Techno-economic scenarios and economic impact of offshore energy system integration options at case study areas
  • Screening of optimum re-use of the subsurface