4 Nature inclusive design

Nature inclusive design

Aims to develop and apply principles to include ecology and nature in the design of the offshore energy system and provide insights into the greenhouse gas emissions and material consequences of technology choices and deployment scenarios. The main focus is to add to existing work that is being performed on nature inclusive design of offshore wind. It also focuses on new offshore energy technologies within the context of an energy hub.

Abandonment of installations if decomissioning poses ecological risks, is one of the options

Interaction with oher workpackges and others

  • The principles will be applied to the design of one of the offshore hubs in WP1. A weighed qualitative assessment will be made of the ecological benefits expected from this application as compared to the ‘standard’ hub design.
  • The results of this work package feed into the iterative design of the offshore hubs (WP1). 
  • To complement research performed in previous phases of NSE on life cycle analyses this work package also includes new life cycle analysis on offshore marine energy options (solar focus).
  • Also raw material supply chains for offshore energy technologies will be reviewed. This means there is interaction with WP 6 on deployment scenarios in the North Sea (to understand technology deployment over time).
  • Results from earlier phases including will be exploited fully in this work package, e.g. value assessment of offshore assets and NSE Atlas maps with ecological areas of importance and concern. 

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