The organisation of North Sea Energy consists of the Steering Committee, the Program Manager and a Program Management Team. Advisory roles are reserved for the Sounding Board, the Review Council and the communications team.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of all full members and is chaired by the Program Manager. Its main tasks are:

  • The selection of research activities
  • The approval of changes to the scope of a work package
  • Acceptance of participants into the project
  • The approval of contributions in-kind from work package participants

Sounding Board

The main purpose of the Sounding Board is to test the NSE research, by reflecting on the approach and results, and to advise the Program Management Team on matters relevant to the implementation of the program. Sounding Board members act on a personal title. Members are stakeholders with knowledge, experience and vision about the reseach topics and activities initiated in the North Sea Energy program. The Sounding Board group is a broad representation of various sectors such as (semi-)government, energy and environment.

Program Management Team

René Peters

Rene is Business Director and responsible for future developments of the offshore energy topics.

Madelaine Halter

Madelaine is Program Manager and responsible for the overall management of the full program.

Joris Koornneef

Joris is Scientific Lead and responsible for the scientific coordination and alignment between the projects.

Susan Kimkes

Chair of the North Sea Energy communication team. Communication advisor & industry relation manager.