5 System design and analysis tool

System design and analysis tool

Develops and enhances the IT-toolkit, as the ICT Powerhouse of the NSE program.The IT-toolkit will support three steps: system definition, system analysis and visualisation of results. In addition, WP5 will make the first inventory on the role and potentials of safe data sharing between different stakeholders in the North Sea. Therefor it assesses digital technologies for improved design and operation of energy systems progressing on the digitization roadmap presented in the former phase of NSE.

Logistical co-operation between the gas and wind sector leads to large cost savings and emission reductions

Interaction with other work packages and others 

  • The IT-toolbox supports the work in WP1, WP3 and WP7 in the areas of system definition, system analysis (techno-economics) and visualization
  • Using asset information (wind farm, H2 production platform etc) which is stored in a public accessible repository, the ESDL Mapeditor then allows to draw and define spatial explicit blue prints for the three offshore hubs. A selection of energy system simulation and optimization models/tools from the first scoping phase in the program can then be applied in WP1 and WP3).