8 Scientific integration and coordination activities

Scientific integration and coordination activities

Monitors and steers quality, assures work package alignment, timelines and budget progress in the program. Public events and a synthesis paper on the scientific outcomes will be the deliverables.

Interaction with other work packages and others

  • New to his phase is that an external review counsel will be appointed to conduct paid reviews of the (intermediate) results with the purpose of further enhancing the quality of the deliverable
  • Furthermore, a specific aim is a special issue in a renowned scientific journal to better inform scientific community on offshore system integration and results of the NSE program. 

Co-creation and participation

An important element in all work packages is the participatory process, knowledge sharing and knowledge brokerage. This allows the consortium partners to articulate research in the thematic work packages (2-4) at the onset of the program in workshops scheduled as part of WP1.  It also allows for the definition of the IT needs in WP5 and the selection of energy system models as part of WP1 and WP3 in the first phase of the program. 

The co-creation of the North Sea Energy System scenarios is a pre-requisite and will be done by all partners involved in NSE together with other relevant stakeholders from outside the consortium. The actors will discuss available and needed data, information, and knowledge relevant for planning of the (regional) north sea energy hubs. Identified gaps will be prioritized and can be delivered by the research community that is involved in the NSE program. Consortium and external stakeholders will be involved through participation in workshops and alignment meetings to facilitate knowledge sharing, awareness and co-creation of the program deliverables.