About us

North Sea Energy

North Sea Energy is a public-private research programme, which benefits from the cooperation of almost 40 international parties from the energy value chain. These parties are active in and around the North Sea. The programme was launched in 2017 and investigates the North Sea’s potential for an integrated energy system.

Integral approach

The North Sea Energy programme consists of several research projects at the heart of which is an integral approach to the energy system and its benefits. NSE differentiates itself through the participatory process, knowledge sharing and knowledge brokerage. Besides research, we also initiate pilots and projects to test and demonstrate innovative concepts in practice. An example of this is the PosHYdon project.


North Sea Energy works across the borders of its own sector and seeks connections with parties active in the North Sea, such as fisheries, defence and shipping. The North Sea also has an important ecological value. We coordinate this with the other North Sea countries.


The North Sea Energy program is funded by its partners and receives subsidies from TKI New Gas.