Harnessing the North Sea’s potential

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North Sea Energy

Harnessing the North Sea’s potential

Europe is moving towards a climate-neutral energy system that is reliable and affordable. The North Sea plays a key role in this. At first with oil and gas production and now increasingly with renewable energy. The North Sea offers opportunities for large-scale wind energy and hydrogen production and underground carbon storage.

Together with more than 30 (inter)national parties, the North Sea Energy programme researches how the North Sea’s potential using an integrated approach can be utilized for a climate-neutral energy system. The programme is investigating the benefits of smart linkages between the various energy functions in the North Sea. These benefits will save society money and time, enable us to use space effectively and considerably reduce carbon emissions.

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Energy Atlas

North Sea Energy Atlas

An integrated approach to the North Sea requires a multi-faceted study. Technology, market, society, ecology, spatial planning and regulations are important angles here.

The North Sea Energy Atlas provides an overview of a range of important North Sea activities in the field of e.g. energy, transport, ecology and defence.

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North Sea Energy Programme

A key element of our programme is an integrated approach to the offshore energy portfolio. Previous studies by North Sea Energy have shown that benefits can be achieved if we wisely link the various energy functions, such as wind, hydrogen and natural gas. Wise connections reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs, makes effective use of offshore space and accelerates the energy transition. Good cooperation and coordination will enable us to seize opportunities and put the North Sea on the map as a pioneering region for the European energy transition.