1 Energy hubs

North Sea energy hubs and infrastructure

The North Sea has several sub-regions and areas - all with their own opportunities and challenges. Some opportunities and challenges are generic. Others are location-specific because different stakeholders, cross-border regulations, spatial claims and the presence of existing infrastructure play a different role. Rapid system integration therefore requires a strategic plan for each hub and a short-term development plan.

Rapid system integration requires a strategic plan per hub.

Research goal

In this work package, we will select a number of energy hubs that may be important to the realisation of system integration in the North Sea. A pre-feasibility analysis will be conducted for these regions and will be included in the WP 7. In this roadmap there will also be recommendations for further development and implementation.

In conjunction with work packages 2 up to and including 5, we will identify the challenges that apply to the selected hubs. These include economic, technical, environmental, social and regulatory challenges.

Research activities

  • Identify and select energy hubs for further research and development
  • Selecting relevant generic and site-specific research questions
  • Techno-economic analysis for selected energy hubs