2 Society and governance

Society and governance

Implementation of new technologies for a climate-neutral energy system in the North Sea – such as, offshore wind energy, carbon capture, transport and storage, energy islands, offshore hydrogen production- requires insight into the socio-technical framework that exists for these technologies.

Society will have to get used to a changing horizon

Research goal

Provide insight into the socio-technical framework required for the successful implementation of offshore system integration. In addition, we will provide insight into which preconditions - from a regulatory, legal, policy and social perspective - are necessary for a successful implementation of the selected energy hubs.

We will study factors such as legislation and regulations, policy frameworks and available standardisations that play a key role in the implementation of the technologies. Additionally, we will study the factors that influence stakeholder perception and the social integration of (new) technologies. We will take these into account in our decision-making strategies.

Research activities

  • Exploring research questions
  • Regulatory framework
  • Standardisation
  • Social integration of offshore system integration
  • Options for policy analysis of the integration of offshore systems in the North Sea countries
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement

Project leaders speaking

Stakeholder perception

Regulatory framework