IV Offshore & Energy new partner

May 5, 2021


On 24 March, the signing of the agreement took place. With this, IV Offshore & Energy has officially become a partner in the North Sea Energy program. IV Offshore & Energy is a company that has contributed to the many oil and gas projects in the Dutch part of the North Sea. Iv-Offshore & Energy was also involved when the first front-end developments in the offshore wind industry were initiated.   

Iv-Offshore & Energy is part of the IV-Groep and has extensive experience in the Renewables and Oil & Gas industries. The range of services includes offshore HVAC and HVDC substation projects, renewable fuels and projects for the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore (fixed or floating) locations. We offer engineering services for all project phases.   

Iv-Offshore & Energy has joined the North Sea Energy program because it believes that CCS and hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition. Here too it wants to be involved in the initial developments in (offshore) hydrogen production.  

Iv-Offshore & Energy will contribute to the work package Energy Hubs & Transport Infrastructure.  It has extensive experience in engineering offshore platforms. Iv-Offshore & Energy will develop specific engineering designs for existing platforms that will produce 500 MW of hydrogen.  

On behalf of the North Sea Energy partners; welcome!