Offshore hydrogen pilot PosHYdon in NOS news

November 22, 2021


NOS Journal

In September the NOS Journal made an item about PosHYdon. On the oil and gas platform Q13-A, located 13 kilometres off the coast of Scheveningen, the world's first pilot has started for the production of hydrogen at sea. This green hydrogen is made from electricity from wind and seawater.

The North Sea Energy Programme is involved in this project in order to incorporate the lessons learned into their research into the benefits of offshore system integration. NOS economics reporter Rob Koster flew to the platform to take a look for himself. René Peters (TNO/NSE) and Lex de Groot (Neptune Energy) flew with him to explain this experiment for, among other things, reusing existing gas infrastructure in the North Sea to transport hydrogen from large wind farms in the North Sea.

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