80% results meeting

June 15, 2022


On 4 and 5 April 2022, the North Sea Energy consortium partners came together to review the 80% results of the program. The North Sea Energy program is heading to the end of the research year, and one of the most important moments is reviewing these final draft results. The full program was presented to the consortium members.

To already give you a preview: One of the work packages is the North Sea Energy hubs, where we selected 3 search areas (Hub West, North and East) in the North Sea for a possible energy hub and researched the following opportunities:
• Future offshore wind developments
• Expected activities and synergies in the field of electricity, hydrogen, natural gas production and CO2 transport & storage
• Potential for international interconnection
• Landfall and market opportunities
• Ecological circumstances/location
• Availability of existing infrastructure

For example for Hub West we have developed three development strategies that involve offshore hydrogen production on multiple 500 MW platforms or an 4 GW energy island, platform electrification to save energy and emissions on the short term and CO2 storage for decarbonisation of industry and for blue hydrogen production. This gives clear insights in tangible projects with their economic fundamentals and the decision-making by stakeholders that is needed to make it happen.