NSE launches webinar series “Dive into …. Energy transition on the North Sea!” 

November 16, 2023


The North Sea Energy program has published the first episode of a series of webinars about the road(map) towards an integrated offshore energy system. Titled “Dive into …. Energy transition on the North Sea!” the webinar series provides in-depth information about the results of the research work of NSE in 2022-2023.

In five episodes in the style of a 30 minute tv talk show hosts Rene Peters, Marcel Hoenderdos and George Wurpel discuss with energy experts the development of concepts for offshore energy system integration. In an informative set up they highlight challenges and opportunities to unlock the low-carbon energy potential of the North Sea with optimal value for society and nature. The series will be published on the NSE website on a weekly basis and promoted via the NSE Linkedin page.