Partner in the picture – Ana Cuellar

April 2, 2024


Project Lead at Hint Global / Hint Americas

To enhance the participatory process, we interview NSE participants, representatives from politics, policy and administration, and stakeholders from the sector to share their vision on the role of the North Sea in the energy transition and the opportunities and challenges they see for system integration. Today we interview Ana Cuellar from our partner Hint Global.

Welcome, Ana. Let's delve into the fascinating work you're doing at Hint Global/Americas. Can you tell us more about Hint's mission and your role within the organization?

Ana Cuellar: “Hint has been a pivotal player in bridging the gap between various stakeholders in industries such as energy, petrochemicals, healthcare, and government for over 30 years. Our aim is to empower managers, operators, engineers, and technicians with the tools and expertise they need to execute their work more efficiently. As for my role, I oversee the execution of our projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of our customers.”

Could you elaborate on Hint's involvement in the energy transition and its role in offshore system integration?

Ana Cuellar: “Certainly. With the energy transition becoming increasingly inevitable, Hint is actively contributing to sustainable development goals through consultancy and solutions for renewable energy applications globally. In offshore system integration, we serve as a research and consultancy partner for organizations like TNO, focusing on areas such as decarbonization, digitalization, energy efficiency, and waste-to-energy initiatives. Specifically, we provide expertise in modeling, calculations, and studies related to the re-use of existing offshore flow lines for CO2 and hydrogen transport, along with reports on emerging electrolyzing technologies.”

Could you share more about your involvement in the NSE program and the benefits it has brought to Hint?

Ana Cuellar: “Hint has been a proud partner in the NSE program since phase 3. Partnering in this program has provided us with access to cutting-edge knowledge, facilitated collaborative innovation and knowledge exchange within the industry, and opened up potential market opportunities related to energy integration. Additionally, it allows us to actively contribute to sustainability goals, both for our business and society as a whole, something we consider highly important.”

How important is the research conducted within the NSE program to informed decision-making about the rollout of offshore energy systems?

Ana Cuellar: “Research conducted within the NSE program is instrumental in several aspects. Firstly, it provides valuable insights into the renewable energy potential of the North Sea region, aiding in the identification of suitable locations for offshore energy installations and optimizing the design and placement of renewable energy infrastructure. Secondly, it focuses on developing new technologies for offshore energy generation, transmission, and storage, thus enabling informed choices for decision-makers regarding deployment and investment in these solutions. Thirdly, understanding the environmental impacts of offshore energy development is crucial for sustainable decision-making. Research in the North Sea helps assess the potential environmental effects of offshore energy installations, enabling decision-makers to mitigate risks and minimize negative impacts on marine ecosystems. Moreover, research findings from the North Sea Energy program drive policy innovation in offshore energy. By offering evidence-based insights and best practices, these findings inspire effective policies and regulatory frameworks that fuel investment, foster innovation, and enable sustainable growth in the offshore energy sector.”

Could you tell us more about Hint's participation in the NSE program's work packages and why collaboration is essential in this context?

Ana Cuellar: “Absolutely. Our contribution primarily lies in work package 1, focusing on NSE hubs and the technical innovations clusters. Collaboration within the NSE program is vital due to the interconnected nature of offshore energy development, involving multiple interconnected aspects, including technological innovation, environmental impact assessment, regulatory frameworks, and market dynamics. By collaborating, partners can avoid duplication of efforts, share resources, and adopt a holistic approach to addressing various challenges. And let’s not forget, in-person activities like workshops provide valuable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and relationship-building, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and cooperation. And, it is not all business. Imagine after a productive day of discussions and presentations heading outdoors for rowing on the North Sea, a wine tasting event or putting our problem solving skills (or the lack of them!) during escape puzzles.”

It's clear that collaboration is key to driving progress in the offshore energy sector. Thank you, Ana, for sharing your insights and shedding light on Hint's impactful work in this field.

Ana Cuellar: “My pleasure. Thank you for having me.”